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Frome Town Robins update

Frome Town Robins
Forme Town Robins

We are delighted to share news of updates from our Youth section and more updates on how we will all be working together more closely as we move forwards.

Please read the following update from the Robins:

The highlights feature:

  • New Chairman Richard Gould has been appointed.

  • New Robins website to help promote the Robins as the clear pathway to Frome Town FC

  • The Robins have rebranded to use our overarching club brand identity on kits.

  • The aim will be to bring more consistency across kits and other items throughout the mens, womens and youth teams as we develop.

  • Substantial pitch redevelopment underway at golf course site to allow major improvements and more pitches. The exploration of clubhouse developments is underway. The site cod be further used as a secondary site for both the men’s and women’s teams at a future date.

The club is extremely excited to support these developments and will continue to update all supporters on any developments. The Robins have positions to help still available both on the club side and coaching teams. Please see the link above for more details.

The club would like to recognise the huge efforts of Aaron Andrews during his tenure of Chairman of the Robins, whilst welcoming Richard Gould and the exciting development ahead.

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