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Frome Town Community Benefit Society launches

Today sees the official launch of the Frome Town Community Benefit Society (FTCBS), as representatives of Frome Town AFC, Frome Town Council and The Football Supporters Association reveal more plans for the future of Badgers Hill.

The FTCBS has been formed following Frome Town Council's decision to step in to secure the Badgers Hill football ground as a community asset. In order to manage the debts of over 350k following the failure of a site renovation programme during lockdown. Which was an urgent threat to the football ground and all its facilities, which were likely to be sold or lost to the Frome community if not for the Council's actions. The ground still remains under the ownership of Frome Town Holdings, which will be transferred to the FTCBS once all plans are agreed. The FTCBS will be looking towards the future of the site and has three main objectives.

  1. Develop the facilities & ground

  2. Develop football in Frome

  3. Create broader community benefit

At this stage, we would encourage every supporter to visit the newly launch FTCBS website to find out more and explore the plans.

Our Chairman Derek Graham added: ‘I am absolutely delighted that the Frome Town Community Benefit Society is now formed. They can now press on with the steps necessary to transfer ownership of the club to the fans and the wider community, through the FTCBS. There are a number of exciting opportunities opening up which could lead to some real positive changes around the ground. Thank you to everyone that has helped so far, but I hope that more people that love the football club can get involved to take this great club forward and secure our long term future.”

Today the FTCBS launched across the local news and council news, as now is a critical time for those who would like to be involved in the future of the club. Although some of the terminology and areas may seem very new to many of us football supporters. The overall takeaway is that this is a huge positive for the football club for the Mens, Womens and youth teams. As the FTCBS looks to replace Frome Town Holdings as the owners of the Badgers Hill site, opening up a range of new growth opportunities. Whilst allowing the club to benefit from the Council's and FSA's experience to grow football, inclusion and participation across Frome. However, this is reliant on the FTCBS getting more people to step forward to fill the vacancies within the new proposed structure.



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