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Donation to Fair Frome and Frome Town F.C.

Yesterday saw us complete the presentation of £1,223 to Fair Frome following all of your wonderful donations and acts of generosity.

Much has been said in the news and across social media since our win a car opportunity didn't quite work out the way we hoped or planned. However, what we saw following the closure of competition was truly wonderful.

With over £1,400 raised at the ground, as people in their droves told us to keep the money and that they were willing to still help the club, Fair Frome and the local community. The additional money raised came from the supporters of our Crowdfunder 'Donate to Frome', which saw nearly £1,000 pledged back to the club.

The combination of the donations came to an amazing £2,445, which as promised we split 50:50 with our charity partner Fair Frome. We had kept the total amount raised a surprise to all those involved at Fair Frome.

Yesterday, we were delighted to invite Bob Ashford Chair of Fair Frome Trustees who received the cheque on behalf of the charity. Bob commented:

As a local charity we rely on local people and organisations for support. Frome Town FC have been absolutely brilliant as a partner and have helped us in so many ways, both practically and financially. At a time when more people are turning to us for support this will give us a very welcome boost and we would like to thank the supporters, its directors, the club and the community for their generosity.

Frome Town Chairman Derek Graham said

"I was delighted to present Fair Frome with over £1200 on Saturday. This was only due to the fantastic generosity of our supporters in donating their car raffle money. We are planning more events with Fair Frome later in the season. We are proud to give back to the community"

Once again we would like to thank all of our supporters and volunteers that have helped drive this initiative. Plus again a huge thanks to Platinum Motors for their support and understanding throughout this time.





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