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Coronavirus - update

We know that some fans maybe wary of the implications of the Coronavirus and sporting events such as our match on Saturday.

The latest advice from Government is that there is presently no rationale to close or cancel sporting events, but this may change as the situation evolves.

With no cases in the Bath / North East Somerset region at this time, this will mean our game is on. Although, we would ask fans to follow the governmentally guidance

  1. If you are suffering from any flu like symptoms, please stay home and follow the updates of the game on social media.

  2. Be aware that there is a higher likelihood of severe illness the older you are (not an increased chance of contracting the virus), with those under 25 likely to be unaffected by the disease.

  3. Please do not attend the match if you have recently come back from a restricted country and not completed a period of self isolation.

  4. The club has adequate facilities for washing of hands at regular intervals. We encourage fans to use the toilet facilities in the Sports bar or through the back of the main function room.

  5. You will be able to bring items such as hand sanitising gel or wipes into the ground. However, oversized items or glass items will not be allowed.

If we suspect any spectator presents symptom, a club member of staff will have to encourage you to leave, return directly home and call NHS 111 for further advice.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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