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Club Update: Frome Town Ltd

To all supporters, we wish to inform you that Frome Town AFC Ltd (the football club) is aware that on 25 February 2021, by special resolution, Frome Town Ltd was wound up with a voluntary liquidator appointed. An official notice was posted today (11 March 2021) by the liquidator. As a board we have known for a period of time that this was likely to happen and this has not come as a surprise. For clarity, Frome Town Ltd was responsible for the running of the Clubhouse and was completely separate from the main football club. The winding up of Frome Town Ltd does not have any impact on the sound financial management of Frome Town AFC Ltd or the club's future plans. From our understanding, arrangements have been made between Frome Town Holdings Ltd and an independent company to run the Clubhouse (also known as 'The Venue and Sports Bar’). We further understand it is the intention of that company to reopen the bar and facilities when Government regulations permit. When more details on the potential opening are available we will communicate this to all our supporters. At this time we will not be making any further comments or statements on the above information.

Frome Town AFC Board of Directors

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Who is the best contact for the new company. Be good to have a chat with them to see how we can support as we have done previously


If only the club could buy it.

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