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CLUB UPDATE: 21st June

As non-league football starts to gain some signs of coming back. The club are keeping in close contact with the ongoing situation with the league and can confirm we have made our position clear if there is any movement in the leagues above.

It currently seems that many teams are working to a beginning September return for football based on rumours. The league has issued surveys to the clubs, but there hasn’t been any official news on any key dates or competitions for next season.

Our Director hunt continues, with no major updates to report at this point. We are still looking for more people to come forward to provide suggestions for new directors at the club. The club needs the community’s help to find more interested people, as this will be fundamental to the clubs ambitions.

This week saw the launch of our club values and objectives with the +VE campaign being available for everyone to read, with this being distributed to all club teams. We hope that our fans take the time to read through the details to help hold the club to our ambitions.

Over the coming days you will see a range of announcements from the club in regards to appointments off the field and the start of the squad announcements. We know that other clubs have started some announcements, but with the official signing on period now open, we will start to announce the players retained and new signings. Danny and his staff have been hard at work already to build on this years success.

We will be shortly making announcements on our commercial opportunities for the next season and details of player sponsorships. We will also be finalising this seasons player sponsors delivery of their shirts.

Finally, season ticket information and ticket details will also be launching in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and we will see you all soon.

If you missed the opportunity to get your name on a seat and our "Wall of Thanks". There's still time during June, check out for more details.

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