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Club statement 3/01/20

Dear Supporter, We are issuing this statement as clarification in regards to the open statement we released in August. Mainly concerning comments that have been incorrectly received towards the Supporters Club Committee. Within the previous statement, we acknowledged the significant financial contributions made by the Supporters Club, through their efforts and commitment. There were a number of additional and wider comments that the Supporters Club totally refute. The Football Club accept that the statements made do not represent the actions of the Supporters Club Committee or their appointed representatives in relation to preventing the progress of the club. The club does stand by the need for the official clarification on the roles of the Supporters Club and the Football Club in regards to fund generation. In the statement, we comment about "the rumours of misplaced funds”. This was in a separate section of the statement, which followed our comments on the Supporters Club. We felt this was clearly defined as a separate topic. For clarity, we can confirm that these rumours were not initiated by the Supporters Club Committee.. However, the club does stand by the wider comments in principle in relation to unnamed individuals actions that have caused issues for the progress and financial security of the club. We have no physical evidence of these actions. To be clear these individuals are not part of the Supporters Club Committee.  The statement, has however had a positive effect, as we are delighted to report that the a first official and formalised meeting has now taken place between the Football club board and the Committee of the Supporters club. A significant step in rebuilding relationships between the two parties, as we endeavour to work more closer in regards to supporter-led initiatives and the goal of building a stronger fan base for the club. We are pleased with the progress so far, as both parties have come together around the objective of creating a thriving Frome Town Football Club both on the field and for the supporters off the field. It is important to both the Supporters Club and the Football Club that the above is clarified. Although these are hugely positive steps for the club to move forwards, the club remains seriously underfunded in relation to our commercial deals, which we continue to fight to improve on a weekly basis. The clubs success in the recent cup competitions and increases in attendance are helping, of which we are truly grateful for the support of every person that comes to our home games. The club remains desperate to attract new business partners and connections within the local business community to ensure the medium to longer term security of the club.  The FTFC Board.

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