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Club Merchandise - Show your colours!

We are pleased to announce a positive update on club merchandise. So find out what you can buy and where you can buy it!

At the Ground Following the delivery of the Puma items and replica Puma kits we have a limited number of these items available in the club shop (at the ground) for you to purchase. You can view these items online at the following link, but they are only available to purchase in the club shop. This is due to potential sizing issues with some of the Puma items. We strongly advise to check these items in the club shop prior to any purchases to avoid disappointment. View items available in the club shop

Online We've teamed up with an on-demand provider to provide merchandise to you so many more options. We will be adding more options to the range over the coming weeks. But right now you can order hats, caps, socks... even flip flops. Click into each item to see different size and colour options and will be delivered in 14 days from order.

What about scarves?

We are working on those at the moment and once available they will be available online (delivery only) and at the ground.

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