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Changes to security and gate information

Yesterday saw another bumper crowd at the Hill as we continue to bring people from across our community together. However, yesterday we received a high number of complaints from our fans, gate operators and stewards about a growing number of people attending our matches without paying.

Unfortunately, we have been informed about a number of people pushing passed stewards to get into the game via the players gates, entering through unlocked safety gates and even entering in via the catering and supplier entrances.

This weekend, we’ve seen a number of fans try to support the club by trying to stop others from entering the club in these ways, only to be met with foul and abusive language even to younger fans of the club. Which is something the club is unwilling to accept.

We appreciate the fans support, but would ask them to inform our stewards immediately. Rather than taking action themselves.

As a community club, largely supported by our team of volunteers, we hope that most fans understand the need to pay to attend our matches and that our team only generates revenue from tickets, sponsors and the teams performance. We are then reliant on other sources of income such as from the supporters club and grants,

With the situation growing, we hope that the fans understand that we will again have to make further changes to our security moving forwards.

  1. No entry will be allowed to anyone through the players gates apart from players and selected club officials and directors.

  2. The large red gates either side of the clubhouse will now be manned by security.

  3. The turnstile gates at the main gates will only allow disabled guests, wheelchairs and prams through the middle gates.

  4. Gate operations will commence earlier in the day,

  5. Additional gates will be opened if required.

We wish to continue to offer fan parking in the stadium and appreciate some fans maybe frustrated to have to walk round to the main entrance and not use gates that had previously been in operation years ago.

We hope fans appreciate that over the years, we try our best to accommodate any individual requests that come in prior to any game.

If you do have anything you wish to report to the club. Please use our report it feature of this website by clicking on the heart/handshake icon at the top of this site.


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