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Chairman's update - Board changes

We at FTAFC are always looking for ways to strengthen our board and have decided we should have a volunteers representative helping us. Therefore we have asked Louise Coate, who epitomises the perfect volunteer to join us.

Without a doubt she has been an absolute gem at this football club for many years. Washing the kit, doing the hospitality, investing time and her own personal money into many projects, and only this week bought hot plates so she could serve the food in the venue.

She puts in so much in for all of us! I have promised her two washing machines to replace the old one as a thank you!! (thank you Sara and Jess for your donation).

We could not survive without volunteers and trust me, we do know how much we need you all!

Board: Derek Graham (Chairman), Gary Collinson (Operations Director), David Parry (Finance Director), Lester Silk (Director / Supporters Club Chairman), Ben Hollis (Director of Commercials and Marketing), Erika King (Director), Louise Coates (Director), Danny Greaves (Director of Football)

Derek Graham


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