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Chairman's programme notes

It's an ever changing situation off the pitch at the moment with the progress being made with the Council exploring the options of community ownership, for this week's programme our Chairman Derek Graham answered a few questions that having been popping up.

"I HOPE all of you who have travelled up from Tavistock have had a trouble free journey up to Somerset today. We have had 2 local derbies in recent weeks against Westbury

United (h) and Paulton Rovers (a).We managed to get 3 points from the two games, which is much better than two draws, which could have easily been the outcome.

We at The Club, are going through a huge transition at the moment, working alongside

Frome Town Council. They stepped in to settle a poorly conceived financial deal that

threatened the loss of our ground to money lenders.

We will forever grateful to our Council for their support. We are now working with them to

restructure our club and improve its governance. Frome Town FC is more than just a football

Club, our place in the Town and our activities have an impact way beyond what happens on

the pitch.

As we move towards a an improved club structure, we are inviting you all to become

involved in helping to create a more community focussed club.

The new structure will allow you supporters and the wider community the opportunity to help shape the clubs future.

The new model of ownership proposed for our club has been successful elsewhere in the

football community, and is based on all members having an equal say in how things are done,

not as has been the case previously.

If you want our present board to continue running the football side of things, we will need

your votes to keep us involved. I must add here, after many awkward questions from some of

you, that in our first years of running the club we made a profit and paid off a number of

inherited debts, not as it looks on Companies House.

I would like to thank Peter, Mel & Sarah of Frome Town Council , and Andy of the Football

Supporters Association for their help & guidance through these troubled times. The

response up to now has been very encouraging.

This new venture will only succeed if you, our supporters come on board and get involved

with this Community Club idea. Your suggestions and help are needed now more than ever!

Our club needs You.

Let’s hope we can now enjoy todays game and hopefully secure the three points on offer,

which won’t be easy against a very good side.


Derek Graham


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