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Board Financial Statement - 21st August 2020

We wanted to issue a short statement to keep all fans, sponsors and employees of the club informed of the financial situation that is still surrounding the club. As with many football clubs the toll of this current COVID situation has put us at breaking point with no revenue coming into the club over the entire summer period.

We had been very open with the financial concerns the club was facing prior to the lockdown occurring. The support the club received through the Crowdfunding was amazing and truly helped to club reach the start of this season. The money raised has been used to manage the clubs debts that had built up and continued to build up during the entire period.

As you will know the club has been looking for new investment and new directors for 6 months (openly for 4 months). We do have a new board forming with announcements to be made in due course. However we are still actively seeking more individuals to come forward to join us at board level as larger investment is required.

The club currently has five main avenues of income: Investment, Sponsorships, Merchandise, Ticketing and the Clubhouse. Hopefully, you will have seen that the club is pushing forward in promotion of all of these areas. However all of these areas are struggling and we need help to cast the net wider than our current reach. As the same fans and individuals can not be continue to be relied on to solve the clubs needs.

The clubhouse and bar has always provided a large share of the money coming into the club, with the bar and function rooms closed for the summer and now under COVID restrictions, the club needs to adapt and evolve. 

The news of the limited capacity return is double edged, as we are pleased fans can return to the stadium. However, with a stadium of our size we are disappointed to not be able to offer higher capacity limits of around 850, that would have helped the club considerably to drive additional revenue.

So how can we all help?

Now that a season has been confirmed and fans are back, we need your help to allow this club to operate and provide the experience you want at Badgers Hill this season.

  1. Come to the ground: We need you all to come and enjoy the matches as much as you can. Also - If you can - help us by buying a Season Ticket or Flexi Ticket, rather than game by game to help us plan financially. We need to be looking to sell out every game whilst at a 400 person limit.

  2. Spread a positive word: Whether that is in person, online or on social media. We all want a stadium of 500 Frome fans or more. This will only come by everyone help to bring more people to the ground. If you could convince 1 person to come with you (young or old) - this helps the club become more attractive to sponsors, adds more money into the club and makes the match day experience

  3. Help us realise our potential: The club is at one of it’s most trickiest points in it’s history with medium and long term plans in place (and very positive). This season is by far the hardest for everyone involved. We need your help to get companies Frome based or Nationally interested in sponsorship at all levels.

Please remember, most of the club is run by volunteers or individuals investing their own money into the club for everyones enjoyment. We will always appreciate and reward any support any fan or company can give.

We will keep you all informed of any developments over the coming months as together we are #BA11.

Frome Town F.C. Board 


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