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Behind the Scenes: Media, Events & Marketing Team

We're delighted to continue the improvement of our media team bringing you updates and more information every day and on a match day. With some new additions and new features on their way.

Let's meet the team...

Gary Collinson - Community projects

Director Gary Collinson will be taking responsibility for our community led projects and activations.

Scott Fitzgibbon - Marketing Manager

Scott will continue to drive the clubs brand and marketing strategy overseeing the M&M team. Whilst responsible for our online and social channels, programmes, merchandising and online ticketing.

Ellliot Gallagher - Commercial Manager

Elliot has recently been appointed our new Commercial Manager, who will be also helping our sponsors and charity partners activate their agreements. Elliot will also be supporting Gary on our community led projects.

Sara Vian - Networking C0-Ordinator

Sara will be working with Elliot to launch our new business networking for our partners and local businesses.

John Hinde - Match day Announcer

John continues on for his second season as our amazing matchday announcer. Our Frome FM Dj is ready to keep you entertained and informed on every matchday.

Steve Hodges - Matchday host

Steve joins us to help greet our sponsors and matchday guests in the clubhouse.

James Burgoyne - Social Media/Match Reporter

This season will see James bring you match previews, detailed match reports and supply match reports to all our media outlets. James will also continue to support the club across our social media channels as well.

Lee Jones - Live match updates and interviews

Lee's dropped the mike and picked up the laptop. Lee was on matchday commentary last season, but will bringing his stats and interview skills to cover all angles on every matchday

Rob Bird - Feature Writer

Rob will be entering his third season as our club feature and interview writer. Providing insights from the management team and players.

Patrick Moss - Alumni and Podcast

Patrick Moss will be heading up a new player and management club alumni to work with many of our stars from previous generations. Patrick the host of MNKO on Frome FM will also be leading a new podcast series with his MNKO team focusing on the clubs progress with interviews with many guests.

Steve McCarthy - Photography Steve McCarthy will be returning to the club on a more regular basis to keep amazing us with his sports photos.

Mike Taylor - Video highlights and analysis Mike Taylor is expanding his support of the first team video analysis to provide match day highlights and compilations from our VEO camera footage.

Tom Bond - Video highlights and analysis

Tom joins us with further player analysis and statistics. Tom will support Mike with the creation of video content for fans to enjoy.

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