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#BA11 LIVE - find out what's it all about!

We're delighted to announce that we will be part of Frome Festival 2021. With a huge range of activities for the public to enjoy within the club, find out more about what's going on!

#BA11 Live 2021 - Sunday 4th July

This year our annual summer event has been revamped and we're working with Frome Festival to put on an amazing show throughout the day. So take a look through our initial line-up and there will be more details on how to attend coming up over the next few days. But for now get the date in the diary and get ready!

4th July = #BA11 Live!

#BA11 Live 2021 - Morning - £FREE

Getting started it's all about fitness, fun and football. As we will be looking to host a family fitness session, followed by the chance to watch our Mens and Womens teams in training action. Then the opportunity for up to 100 children of Frome (6-14), to join in and train with the teams, all run by our amazing 1st team players and coaches. All followed up with a unique chance to have your questions answered in a live Q&A with the managers and players from both teams. But that's not all, alongside the on the pitch activities, we will have fun games, attractions, stalls and maybe a bouncy castle or two to keep everyone entertained. With food and drink available to all from an array of choices... and burritos! All 'on-pitch' activities will be free, but will require free tickets to be claimed on this website. Stay tuned to get more information on release dates.

#BA11 Live 2021 - Afternoon - £FREE

Get into the swing of things, as we will be holding a Live Music show with our partners Frome FM, with acts and bands from our local Frome area putting on a show that can't be missed. Join us for 3 hours of music hosted by the amazing Sara Vian. This is a free event and all are welcome. So grab a beer (or soft drink) kick back and enjoy a Sunday afternoon of entertainment.

#BA11 Live 2021 - EVENING - £Ticketed

The evening sees us open up our hallowed turf to turn into an outdoor cinema with a difference. A large screen will be erected in front of the clubhouse to allow up to 250 people to come and enjoy two amazing films. Starting with a family friendly film selection starting around 6pm and a blockbuster movie later in the evening. Adult and family tickets will be available from £10. Unfortunately children will not be able to attend without a paying adult. Ticket information and films will be announced shortly. So kick back, bring a blanket or two and enjoy!


Absolutely, there's more on the way and we'll announce it as it comes in...

If you want to be part of #BA11 LIVE 2021?

If you are a business owner, stall owner or have an events attraction that you would like to showcase at the ground during the day. Or even if you would like to donate or sponsor to help the club with the event. Please get in touch with us at


We're after volunteers to help with stewarding and other roles on the day. So if you can help, please let us know.

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