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April Fixture Posters with PostScript

Fixture posters are back courtesy of PostScript in Frome. As you go around town we hope you'll start to see more and more places featuring our new fantastic matchday posters.

PostScript have offered their free support on the production of all of our posters as they show their support of our #BA11 community with the monthly donation of A4 and A3 posters.

However, we're asking all fans if you can help the club, by printing out the above poster and putting it up at your place of work or anywhere you think might be able to help promote the upcoming matches in April. Especially in larger workplaces they we can't reach. If you do take a photo and we'll give you a shout out if you tag us in on any photos online!

The club would like to thank you PostScript for their help and support in helping us raise the awareness of our home matches across our fantastic town.

You can visit Postscript in town on Stoney Street or at


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