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A day to remember

Saturday 14th August, will be a day to remember for the club, as we saw the return of competitive football to Badgers Hill. The game will be remembered not just for a thrilling performance and a superbly crafted goal by Jon Davies, but for the 867 that attended and spirit of community.

With the build up to the match creating much excitement as the tickets were available to claim online in advance, as they were being paid for by our partner IMS LTD. Who were there on the day and we know the fans showed their appreciation for everything IMS have done to support our club. We were able to welcome back fans that hadn't been to the ground in some time, not just due to Covid, but with the incentive that caught everyone's eye and imagination. But it's also down to the hard work from Frome Town United and the club working together to distribute over 120 children's season tickets to their players over the last 2 weeks. With summer holidays in full flow, it was great to see the sun shining down on the ground, the players and fans all in good spirits.

After the match, the attendance and spot light came on the club as the leagues and other clubs started to notice.

With game creating history across our league record attendances, this match moved into our 5th highest league attendance.

  1. 1,600 v Cinderford Town Western League - 1953

  2. 1,320 v Dorchester Town Western League - 1955

  3. 1,200 v Yeovil Town Western League - 1955

  4. 1,200 v Stonehouse Western League - 1954

  5. 867 v Highworth Town - Southern League - 2021

  6. 800 v Paulton Rovers Western League - 1979

  7. 617 v Paulton Rovers Southern League - 2010

  8. 600 v Bristol City Western League - 1967

  9. 552 v Chippenham Town Southern League - 2017

  10. 531 v Hereford Southern League - 2017

But across the return of football we saw the match attendance be the highest in the entire Southern League and the 2nd highest across all of Step four in the UK.

The day also saw manager Danny Greaves mark his 100th game in charge with a win that continued his amazing home record over the last three seasons.

With even our amazing food suppliers, My Greek Fat Wraps, getting the recognition for the amazing food on offer.

So again thank you to everyone that came yesterday. We hope that more people will continue to come to the Hill to support their local team and enjoy being amongst some of the best fans a club could ask for. We are #BA11


UP NEXT at home: Paulton Rovers in the FA CUP. Book your tickets today

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