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50:50 booooost!

We can confirm today that our club 50:50 draw is changing! Where every donation to the club goes not just into the prize pot but now directly into squad.

Ever fancied us signing someone else amazing or helping the club reach new heights? All whilst standing the chance to win big cash prizes every month. Well now's the time to join our new 50:50 boost draw allowing you the chance to win monthly cash prizes and help build the strongest squad we can as every penny that goes to the club will go straight into the playing budget. So the more people that become members = more players & more cash!

How to play?

It's nice and simple.... 50% of what we raise goes directly into the squad budget and 50% goes into our monthly prize pot. So now supporters can help the team directly with more players equalling bigger prizes and bigger stars on the field. The monthly prizes are issued at the end of each month and more details can be found on our 50:50 boost page about the terms and conditions. Or to start playing now click on a boost.

Prizes There's no limit to the prizes which will go up with every member that joins. Plus the club guarantees that the prize pot will never drop below £250. 1st prize - 30% of the total donated

2nd prize - 15%

3rd prize - 5% Why is this important to the club?

As the club enters a new phase of it's journey, we will primarily only be able to drive income through sponsorships, ticketing, merchandise and fundraising programmes. As you maybe aware we will be tenants under the new CBS shortly with the clubhouse remaining independent. So getting fans support to back this fundraising programme is essential to us

What happens if I play the existing 50:50 draw? Great news if you have been playing the previous 50:50 - we're moving you over to the new draw without you needing to do a single thing! Please login to your account if you wish to cancel or amend the amount you wish to donate each month. Other than that you've been given more chances to win as the ticket amounts now equal more entries. We will be contacting all members of the existing draw over the coming days to let them know.


Have you got a fundraising idea?

If you are sat on a great idea that could help the club, drop us a line we would love to hear it.

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