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40 years on...

We're delighted to celebrate that this weekend sees the 40th anniversary of Sally Lacey's involvement with our club.

Following in the footsteps of her father who manned the gate's at The Robins' Nest. Sally joined the club and was responsible for programme sales to the many fans coming through the turnstiles. Sally's role grew as she continued to help the club working with Edgar to help sell the club lottery tickets. Which back then helped see more money come into the club.

When the club needed Sally’s help, Sally took on the Tea Hut three years ago where fans have been able to keep warm with hot drinks, as well as selling scarves and hats! This was followed by running the promotion and organisation of the club house events, with the Memorial Night for the passing of Sally’s mother raising £5,000, split between the club and Dementia UK.

Sally along with Simon's hard work culminated in them being award the Clubman of year award last season, It’s clear to see Sally’s love and passion for the club that’s played a bit part in her life.

We as a club would like to thank Sally for all her dedication and support in helping the club.

Derek Graham:

"We can't thank Sally enough for the hard work and dedication to the club, I've known Sally now for around 30 years. The place would feel very different if Sally wasn't around. Let's hope we can all get back to the ground soon and be reunited as a club for us all." Danny Greaves: "I've only been at the club for less than 3 years but in that time I have been made fully aware, and have seen what Sally does for this club. To do what Sally does as a volunteer for such a long time is an unbelievable achievement and one she should be very proud of the part she has played in the club's rise. Hopefully many more years to come."

Paul Carver: “Sal, like so many others, is what is needed at a local football level, always looking to help the club in whatever way she can. Programme sales, tea hut, organising fund raisers (that I have been pleased to be involved with), a true Robin!”

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